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Introducing our new #Englishlanguage Bumblebees and Bumble-Buddies classes!  Little ones from ages 1 to 6 can now join skilled musician and native USA English speaker, Katherine Munoz for a class that makes learning more fun than ever! Did you know that right now your toddler is a language learning genius? There’s no better time or way to introduce your kiddo to a new language than through #music and #play in this integrative #class. Katherine’s program is designed to include all of the important aspects of early music education like #dance, #rhythm, #singing, and written music, all while laying the foundations of the English language by utilizing traditional English children’s songs.  So come dance, sing, play and learn with our all new #Bumblebees class. If you’re the guardian of a child who is younger than 3, then you can be a Bumble-Buddy and accompany your child to class. Sign up today and become our newest Bumblebee!

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